memories of a jewish girl from brooklyn

Helene Oelerich

author of "Memories of a Jewish girl from Brooklyn"

helene oelerich

About the Author

I have been writing and reading since I was three years old. I love music and theater and traveling and dining out at several different restaurants and being with friends and people I enjoy. I received my bachelors degree at Brooklyn College and my masters +50 at Queens College . I always majored in English and History. I am from Brooklyn, New York and have enjoyed New York City my whole life . There is nothing quite spectacular as going to theaters, movies, restaurants, Statue of Liberty, Empire State building and all other places that New York City has to offer . I was given an award as teacher of the year in Brooklyn because I taught non- prejudice. I had children from all backgrounds sing, dance, bring their food, grandparents and parents and have parties and just show them that we are all connected . I also put on very special shows in our auditoriums. I am involved in photography, caring for animals and known as “The Dining Diva” because I write reviews for restaurants that I enjoy!

About the Book

This book is a story of my life from when I was a little girl until the present time. There are stories about my family and my friends and intimate experiences while growing up. What is most special is my teaching experience. I would like all teachers to share their feelings of tolerance, understanding, love and care for all children no matter their race, religion or color and how to do it in a very special way . After my students went from my third grade class to college they had two big parties for me because they said that they would not have been where they are today ~ as lawyers and people involved with other peoples situations if it wasn’t for me. Ofcourse they inspired my writing of Memories of a Jewish girl from Brooklyn. Hopefully my book will bring to life a world where people can be together whoever they are and enjoy their life with friends and love and care .

memories of a jewish girl from brooklyn



In my chapter about teaching I write: “ How wonderful it would be if a new generation of children like all of you could grow up knowing that everyone no matter where they came from, what color their skin is, or what language they speak ~ everyone has a chance to be special! You can’t judge a book by its cover! Give everyone a chance !”


I’ll do my best to read all messages sent through this contact form. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the book. If you haven’t read the book, contact me anyway, I’d still like to hear from you.